Repair Services

Your carpet gets a lot of foot traffic, so it's bound to suffer some damage eventually. But that doesn't mean you need to think about getting new flooring just yet. At Best Carpet Cleaning, our Certified Carpet Repair Technicians provide extensive carpet repair services and can fix a variety of problems such as split seams, ripples, tears, burns and even permanent stains.

Stretching Carpet

Improper carpet installation can lead to unsightly wrinkles in your carpet. Wrinkles and ripples in your carpet will damage the carpet backing, causing it to deteriorate. Once the backing begins to deteriorate, it cannot be corrected, so wrinkles should be fixed quickly. Our certified technicians can gently stretch your carpet to repair wrinkles before your carpet is permanently damaged.

Patching Carpet

To repair snags, burns, pet tears and damaged spots in your carpet, Best Carpet Cleaning offers patching services called "bonded inserts" or “Pile Grafting.” Our inserts are very hard to detect and are a permanent solution to repairing your carpet before smaller issues continue to deteriorate to the point of needing to be replaced entirely.

Carpet Spot Dyeing

If your carpets have been discolored by harsh chemicals such as bleach, our Certified Color Repair Technicians can help you restore your carpet's hue. Small spots treated with our color restoration are very hard to detect and the process is less expensive than replacing your entire carpet.

Miscellaneous Repairs
  • Repair, replace or install a variety of wood, metal or vinyl transition strips.
  • Repair bubbles in glue-down carpet.
  • Install or reinstall carpet, carpet pad or tackless strips from water leaks or re-modeling projects.
  • Repair door seams from pet tears.